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What we do.

Youth Leadership

Grow Meadville leaders join us for two weeks in the summer. Through gardening, cooking, and problem solving, we build relationships with each other and our community. With an emphasis on problem solving, students leave Grow Meadville feeling empowered to work with their peers to tackle the challenges they face as teenagers in Crawford County. 

"I've learned so many things about teamwork and the importance of speaking out... Here, I tried things that I probably never would have."

-Stephanie, 2016 participant

"Not only did we learn about gardening, we became a team. We all became friends. It was a very good experience and I would do it again."

-Katie, 2016 participant

Community Action Project.

Each summer, students are asked to develop and implement a community action project for their community. Previous projects include the Meadville Area Teen Lounge. This summer, students have the opportunity to develop the Meadville Summer Parks Program. 

How to apply.

Please allow approximately 20 uninterrupted minutes to complete your application, as you cannot save your progress. It's meant to be filled out by the participant. The program runs June 17 - 28 (excluding weekends).

In order to accommodate individuals with diverse economic circumstances, the cost of the program is on a sliding scale from $100 - $1,000. Please pay what you can. Acceptance is not contingent upon how much you pay.

"Getting young people into the community helps to develop a sense of place, an awareness of the ecological, economic, social, and political factors in a community, and serves as a critical foundation of a democratic society. If students are unaware of and not challenged by the complexity of the local, it is a difficult task to understand the greater regional, national, and global issues."

-Tom Vander Ark

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